Just wait…

Oh man do I have a story for you….

My God is so good…..

So good that he knows what I need before I need it. He closes doors that we do not need to walk through! He stops us in our tracks…we just have to wait…

Waiting is hard for some, and others can’t wait and run into stumbling blocks..all unnecessary if we really have faith in God and are patient in our way. I have not always been patient, but Thank God with age, I am very patient.

Don’t pray to God and expect an answer right away, God is working behind the scenes to line up things in your favor. You have to simply wait….

Stop being so impatient and taking the first thing that comes your way when a little wait time will bring more than you can dream of..I declare it to day….wait on the Lord, be of good courage and he will strengthen your heart…wait I say on the Lord.

be blessed my friends