White House with Black Shutters-episode 4

She lives in the white house. The one with the black shutters. She often stands at the window watching others drive past wondering if they notice her waving.

Very often she smiles to no one as she watches traffic pass by like a blur.  She sees them, but do they see her?  She stands today as she washes up the dinner dishes. The sun has set and it has begun to rain…again…

It’s not that she doesn’t like the rain, she does but…sometimes it can be so glum. Today is a good day and she had the energy to make it through the day with no episodes of sheer exhaustion.  Some days even her eyelashes hurt..

She lives in the white house. The one with the black shutters.  Today is almost gone and the thought of a new day is only vaguely cheerful.  Is this seasonal affect disorder (SAD) or is she just placing symptoms onto her mood for dramatic effect.  Who does that?  No, she is really sad and SAD is something that has never affected her before.  I think it is perhaps that she is just tired… all of these assumptions/ramblings need to be managed before true depression sets in.  

She has so many needs but no one hears her…she must manage them on her own… she must…

to be continued…

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