It works for me..

I have had so many things come at me in such a short time…

A lesser woman would have fallen apart…but not me.. I am hardheaded enough to keep going….

I guess that I am perhaps having that mid-life crisis that I have been hinting at for months….

I decided one day last week that I wanted to come off of some of my medicine..I am sick of taking medications that I am not sure are still helping me…

I do not condone anyone else doing something this drastic without talking to your doctor, but the medications that I stopped are more for anxiety and supposed depression.  I am well aware of my moods and how I am operating in regular situations, when I am angry however, the medication would not have saved you anyway…..just saying..

I am currently detoxing from medications I have been on for years, and I am not having any withdrawal that has been not been manageable.

I admit that I started taking CBD oil at night before I go to bed. This has been a great decision on my part and I do recommend it to others suffering from anxiety, night terrors, panic attacks and other sleep disturbances. CBD has very few if any side effects and does seem to help me stay calm. There is no THC in the CBD oil that I use and it is completely legal and safe. I would much rather use a natural remedy to my ails than to keep using medications that are poisonous to by body and mind.

Currently I am using the actual CBD oil and it works within 30 minutes, but I want to change to a vape pen that works within 2 minutes.  I am not a drug user, never have been, but if CBD can be used safely with children for their neurological needs (seizures, behaviors, etc…), why not me?  Or better yet, why not you? Click the link below to view other CBD products from a high quality company. Link is active just click the picture..

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