I can feel it coming…

I personally think that I am past the point for a midlife crisis….I keep waiting for something spectacular to happen that makes me act out of myself….but nothing yet…

I want to know what seemingly crazy thing I will do to mark the halfway point in my life…and well…I am getting tired of waiting….but I feel it coming….

I don’t want a sports car, or a diamond ring, or plastic surgery….I do not want to move to an island, change my lifestyle or be someone else….I am content in being myself and living my life.  Have I passed my midpoint?  Wow, surely not…

I have been feeling something coming for a while now, and all I can feel is excitement and wonder…I am not dreading the midlife crisis…nor am I rushing my life to an end, but I do feel something coming…

I do want to sky dive when I am 50 (with my twin), but right now…I got nothing…but I feel it coming….


How did you know when you were having a midlife crisis? What did you do? How long did it last? Help me out here..

Be sure to comment..

One thought on “I can feel it coming…

  1. Gosh, I kept thinking my ups and downs were hormonally induced or due to being deep in the parenting trenches but maybe I’m having a midlife crisis. Or an identify crisis! Sigh…


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