I was sick and tired…

My good friend got me turned on to trans-dermal nutrition. AKA Thrive patches. Which are vitamin and supplement patches that you wear instead of taking hand fulls of supplements. I am game for anything that requires me taking less medicine orally. Sheesh have you seen the size of supplements these days….humongous……

I told her that I wanted to try this system to see if it worked for me and maybe get some for my husband who does not like taking pills and I can put the patch on him myself.

So I am a full 6 days in and I feel great, I am rarely hungry and I am able to stay energetic for the full day. I need no caffeine…at all…

I am impressed with how it makes me feel and that was the point. It was not to lose weight, but to feel better. Because at my age I could care less about my size, just if I am healthy and I feel good.

If you follow me then you know that I have adopted carb cycling as my way of eating and this particular nutrition plan (Thrive) does not mess with my new way of eating which has helped me get my A1c down to a very healthy 6.2. I am not starving, or craving nonsense and I do eat what I want like (milkshakes) on my high carb days. I am good..

Are you tired of feeling bad? or so tired you want to be put out of your misery? I felt like that for so long, that now that I feel better, I wonder why I stayed sick and tired for so long……?

Click the link below to get more information about the Thrive experience…

Thrive with me..

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