What is your Goliath?

Have you ever put yourself in David’s place and wondered if you would have been able to take out Goliath?

Literally Goliath was a giant..like over 9 feet tall giant…I’m looking at 5 foot 2 and 3/4th inches….lol

That is almost double the height of me…HUGEEEE…I think you get the picture..

Goliath is of course the word I am using to describe anything in your life that you think is too big to handle…like sickness, broken hearts, mistreatment, debt, self-doubt…etc…

I know that through my life there have been many Goliaths, and I was always overwhelmed about what to do until I stopped and realized who had/has my back..

I am just a human, I have weaknesses and moments of self pity and self loathing…for the longest time I could not look in the mirror because I could not stand the way I look..sometimes I have to force myself to look now…

The issue there was not actually my looks but how I perceived myself, and I realized that instead of looking at myself through my eyes, I was seeing myself from others points of view….glad I grew up…

I feel like life is my Goliath right now, because I am tired…I want to go home to Heaven and be at rest…I do…however…

I also realize that God has a purpose for me on this earth and I have yet to fulfill it…so I am still here for the time being…

This thing called life is yet another thing that I must defeat…and I am armed and ready…I have faith, patience, understanding, compassion, hope and love…most of all I have salvation…and grace…

Have you sat down and thought of the thing that is keeping you from doing the thing you dream about or living your best life? Have you considered it….have you?  What is your Goliath? Did you know that God has your back and all you have to do is call on the name Jesus to defeat any foe? Did you know? Haven’t tried him yet? You should just talk to him and listen for his answer.

Face your Goliath today…



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