Belly blasting drink???

So I have been seeing this recipe on several social media outlets that supposedly rids your body of belly fat. The dynamics of the recipe are that you have bowel movements to rid yourself of extra waste to widdle your waist. I tried the recipe the way it was written but it did not say to drink all of the concoction at one time or it is better when cold, or that you may need extra sweetening. So I have of course made my own drink, that must be made fresh…I repeat…must be made fresh..

3 tbs of Chia seeds (whole not ground)
3 tbs of Lemon juice (actually for taste)
1 tbs of Honey
Stevia-for sweetness

Pour the chia into a glass, fill the cup up to 3/4 full with water (or aloe vera juice). Place in the refrigerator until seeds have expanded, you may need to stir a few times while cooling. Once cool, add the lemon juice, honey and stevia, stir well..drink immediately and follow with a full 8 oz of water.

You should not feel bloated or gassy from drinking this, and when it works should have a regular bowel movement with ease. The drink consistency is like a bubble tea or tapioca pudding, you can always add more water if you want.

I drink this in the evening before dinner and eat a regular meal with plenty of water. I have noticed a reduction in the bloating in my belly and more regular bowel movements.

Of course these ingredients are just suggestions, buy the ingredients that you like…

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