But, that is your opinion…

Have you ever felt like someone was disappointed in you because you did not do what they said or suggested? I do not mean when you were children but now that you are an adult?  I was thinking about this yesterday as I was driving home from work…good thinking process when you are driving…pay attention to the road….

I have thoughts that come into my mind that I have to manage quickly and readjust to something else because it often makes me mad or frustrated. If I did not know that these random thoughts were to take me off of my path I would foolishly let them be my train of thought. I have to catch myself so that I do the right thing…..

I have many people who perceive me in a different light..out of myself…or their preconceived idea of what they think I am..I have found that if I am not careful I DO THE SAME THING TO OTHERS…….boo I do not like that…

I watch my words and my actions because I work in the public and there is already a bad connotation of black females in society. Understand that I am not that an angry black woman unless there is a good reason…and when that happens…..this is your warning.   I am a force to be reckoned with…an educated, motivated, blessed, beautiful force to be reckoned with…..

It was hard  learning not to place my expectations onto others… read that again….I can wait..

I feel like you have to know who you are before you can know what you are about and who others are….I mean everyone is not what you expect..that is a fact of life..we all deal with that…I mean grown people do..

Society is becoming so twisted that we I mean “WE” often feel that our voice is the voice of everyone who associates with us…NOT SO…. for instance…my hair does not speak for me, other people like me do not speak for me, you do not speak for me and my skin color certainly does not speak for me..I speak for me..Me..Me..<—-her..

Do you speak for yourself, or are you still letting the opinions of others affect or effect how you live?  Think about why you are doing that…and make a change..meditate and find out who you are supposed to be…and life your best life.

God did not send us here to be under undue pressure, abuse or mistreatment. We are his children and heirs to his Kingdom..do you believe it yet? I mean it is a real thing to come to grips with…but he did not send us here to be servants to society or the world.  We were simply sent here to lead others to him and love each other in every way..

God saved me for a reason, and while the battle is hard and it may not seem like we always are on the winning side…..pick up the Bible…skip to the end…#spoileralert…..#Godwins and #Jesussaves….

So when someone else tries to impose themselves on you…tell them “but that is your opinion!”.

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