I just don’t know anymore…

I guess I give the people in this world too much credit. I assume that they have a level of common sense that obviously they do not…

I have watched people speed by me this past week in the heavy rain and standing water on the interstate… I have watched them speed through parking lots where people are walking, without slowing down… I have witnessed people pulling out in front of semi trucks and then slowing down making the truck slam on brakes or have to change lanes…. I just don’t know anymore…

I have watched parents let their children tell them flat out that they were not going to listen to them…and ran from the mother out into the road..the mother had no comment to the child…at all…. I have watched parents ignore their children in public because they got a text message or were taking a selfie…I have watched people get walked over in the grocery store because the person behind them was in a super hurry and had no regard for the other person occupying the same space… I just don’t know anymore…

I have watched people who call themselves friends stand up and support others who victimize others…I have watched those same friends tear down someone who speaks out for others…I have watched those same people rage about a situation when their solution was not reached…grown people now…acting like 2 year old….I just don’t know anymore…

I am truly at a loss on this one…someone please help me understand how the focus of this world is centered on one group of people and the others are so obsessed with themselves that there is seemingly no concern for our fellow man..who can answer this for me?

I really need help with this one…I would help someone else before I help myself..and I have..Maybe I should walk around taking selfies and ignoring those standing in front of me and roll over folk in the store and pull out in front of traffic…surely they know that the world is about me….right? right? WELL if it is about others and they can ignore everything else…why not me? I can surely be that way too….

Lucky for everyone I have no desire to have the world revolve around me…I am just a normal person, with a concern for others..I don’t have much but what I have I will share with others..those who know me know this to be true…

Thanks for reading my rant….I’m done now….


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