Its not that I don’t care…

Well let me start out saying that it is not that I don’t care…its just that I am not a judge..

Let me explain..when people get all up in their feels, there is a level of judgement placed on someone or something to make the feels occur, for instance…road rage is real. When people get all upset about how someone else drives…low and behold it is possible that we are holding others to our standards and mad at someone’s driving because it does not measure up to ours or perhaps you feel that you know better…(judgement?). Hmmm…marinate on that for a minute.

I catch myself watching people and the things that they do..and saying inwardly that I would never act like that, or wear that, or be like that, or do that…whatever it may be. When I sit down to look at it…I was being so least I knew that I was doing that..

Please do not tell me that you have not done the same thing…at least be honest with yourself in that fact..Its not that I don’t care….I am not a judge..

Why do we hold others to our standards? Why…this is a serious problem in society today and it is totally unfair. So many people depend or thrive on the opinions of others and give their self awareness no platform. Who made someone else the boss and ruler of YOU? Its not that I don’t care…I am not the judge..

The one who is the judge of all we seem to give the less audience too..but we can jump on the bandwagon to bad mouth others, break others down, and to belittle others with a slight of the tongue. Why are we like that, well misery does love company..or so they say..God is the one Judge, why not let him do his job…

Just because we have an opinion does not mean that anyone wants to hear it..I mean you are reading my blog, but that was a conscious choice on your part. I am interesting…lol.. But to go out of my way to tear someone else down because they are not like me is simply juvenile and childish…Yes I made that judgement about those who act a certain way, I am still a work in progress you know..

It is not that I don’t care….Its just that I am not a judge..

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