Where do I start?

Some people are so ungrateful…no matter what you do for them….they want more and more and more……..boo

I do not like that..at all. I admit that I have had times in my foolish youth that I felt like I deserved much more than I had. Honestly, how could I expect more when I had not worked to get it..?

HaHa with age comes wisdom…really? Some of us will never get it..Things do not make the man/woman. It is what works on the inside that your worth. If you don’t believe in God, you are going to need to work that out in yourself. I love God and he has always taken care of me. He blesses me to bless others and to heal others. In this I find my worth…

I do not need anyone else to justify me…but what I do need is for grown folks to start appreciating what they have and to stop being so ungrateful. Nobody owes you anything….No one deserves to be micromanaged by you…or ordered around because you are so insecure in yourself..STOP IT!!!!

I am tired y’all…tired…

just tired..