I am so tired..

Am I the only one that is so tired of seeing people mope around acting…”acting” depressed or so bored…there are so many things in this world to do to act like you are so burdened down or heavy laden that you have a little gray cloud of despair over you all the time…..sigh..

Again, I was around a group of younger people yesterday and there seems to be always one that acts like the world is against them and OMG they may die if something doesn’t go their way…Let me say that I know depression is real, and that sadness is something that people experience that has a hold on their lives..I know that..I probably was that person when I was younger..

Boo on me to act that way when I was way to young to know the other hardships that this life had to bring….

I was depressed for a few years and I had a good reason. I have wanted babies for my whole life…I mean since I had baby dolls in the plastic cribs and strollers..wanted a baby of my own. I could not have babies, and was told if I even tried to have a baby that I would probably die….die…die…

Wow, sad was not the word for me at that time, I am suprised that my husband stuck around for my depression, it was crazy. I cried all the time, just wanted to sleep, and sadly I was so angry at God for taking away the one thing I ever wanted in my life…so yes I know depression!

However, a small still voice told me to get up and do something..anything to make myself feel better. I prayed.

And prayed, God put me in a place that allowed me to work with children and to have an impact on their lives, while still not my children, they were young sponges ready to learn how to face this life. Again, some of the hardest things I have ever had to do, dangling those precious souls in front of my face, still not my babies…

What did I do…I kept working with children, praying, breathing, crying, trusting God, and being. I was so lost for so long, I wasn’t sure that I would ever climb out of the funk I was in. I was tired of being sad..

It surely was not overnight that I got myself together..but I did realize that life is too short to be moping around acting like a victim! I prayed and asked God to put someone on my life that would make me happy, failing to understand at the time that I had to be that person… one else could make me happy..but me..

I made a change in my is certainly a much better journey and it is easier being happy than it is being downtrodden all the should try it, especially if you are that person with the stormy little rain cloud following you around.

Not sure if that is you…notice the next time you are around they leave, stop talking or avoid you… just might be..lighten up stormy…life is a one way trip…


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