Why is it so hard to apologize? Click to read this weeks blog..

I hear myself say that I am sorry so many times a day I wonder if I am on repeat…

I only say I’m sorry when I mean it, and sometimes I have to make myself mean it because of people’s attitudes…

I am wondering why it is so hard for people to say I’m sorry about something that they know is wrong. Are we afraid of being seen as weak in the eyes of others? Are we so caught up with ourselves that we cannot admit that we are wrong? Or are we so self righteous that we are always right and are never wrong, how dare anyone expect you to say you are sorry..

Growing up and maturing is something that we should all strive to do, some of us never reach that level in life. That is so sad because then others view you as someone that is not mature enough to handle the important things in life. If people skip asking you to do something important and always ask someone else, you may be stuck in that stage in life that prevents you from being reliable.

Easy fix…Grow up..

Be mature enough to admit when you are at fault..make things right with others and yourself.


Cleanse your soul…


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