I need a drink..Overall Health

Thirst When we feel thirsty, our body has come to a point where it is in need of something, most likely water or some other beverage. We do thirst for things other than water! I thirst for peace, understanding, love, closeness, happiness, rest, and life… To thirst ultimately means that we are lacking something in our day to day lives, I know that I continually … Continue reading I need a drink..Overall Health

Mind Body Spirit-Holistic Health

Mind Body Spirit Through the ages, people have been in control of their mind (thinking), body (physical) and spirit (Soul) on different planes and with different expectations from each. However as we have grown and matured as a people we have come to understand that we must embrace all three as one to be a healthy entity. The spirit is the part of us that … Continue reading Mind Body Spirit-Holistic Health