Positive Influence..

Today is a commercial break to discuss the #complimentary products that I received from Influenster and Garnier. I received curl scrunch and restorative milk for curly hair. I am really enjoying the restorative milk spray for my hair when I wear it curly. It smells good and makes my hair feel soft and silky. My curls love the hydration and light formulation. I do recommend … Continue reading Positive Influence..

What in the “Free” world….?

I don’t even know where to start… So you say we are free…free from what? Free from hate, suppression, aggression, anger, rage, mistrust, oppression….anything? With so many people dying from brutal assassinations, weather events, prejudice, fear….what in the “Free” world… What is the “Free” world you say? Well I am certain that when the Bible says “What God has set free is free indeed.” Do … Continue reading What in the “Free” world….?