Help me understand..


Why do we look to others to validate ourselves? Or better yet…why do we let the actions of others have a profound effect on how we view ourselves?

I have been asking myself that for years and man oh man…I am not sure I want the answer..

Last night at the gym there was a couple there that the wife was very cautious about being skin close to her husband and making sure everyone there knew he was hers….well bless her heart..nobody I mean NOBODY was looking at them anyway, but she was sure that one of the hot, stinky, sweaty women was going to jump off of a treadmill and steal her man in the middle of the gym…..really old girl…

I looked at them both and chuckled to myself…wow..hope I never acted like that, because if I did I need to go home and apologize to the Hubs..

At what stage in life do we stop being concerned about how others view us and work on how we view ourselves (our opinion is the only one that matters anyway)?

Food for thought..


4 thoughts on “Help me understand..

  1. I think that sometimes people think that of me when I’m all glued up to chris… for me it’s not fear that another woman will take him it’s just that I can at times have severe social anxiety and feel weird fear in my bones and being close to him or touching him in some way helps to ease on through the episode without dashing out the door or freaking out lol… however I have met women who genuinely think EVERY man woman and child are their personal competition…must hurt to be that insecure 😉

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  2. I stopped looking for perfection when I hit 40. For me it was an issue of pride. I still continue to struggle with pride at times. One thing I have been blessed with it my wonderful husband. Neither he nor I have ever dealt with jealousy. I admire beautiful people…men and women. I will often tell someone how handsome or pretty they are. It has never bothered my husband. I feel lucky for that. In todays world where we hear constant messages like “50 is the new 40” it is hard to value aging. The pressure to stay young looking is relentless. I am trying to instill (especially in my daughter) that our focus should be more on who we are rather than what we look like. For her to find her interests and get her education. To make sure she knows her value is not on what she looks like but the fact that she is valuable in every aspect because that is how He created her. Food for thought for sure Dina!

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